Whichever fits your needs, read and follow the steps below.

Steps Below to
Book a Short-Term Stay
Reservation Request

  1. Please complete and submit a RESERVATION REQUEST FORM 
  2. CALL us back within 24-48 hours to check status of your reservation.
  3. When we confirm your reservation, we require a payment of one night (non-refundable) to secure your space for your stay.

    **NOTE: The use of this link does not guarantee you an RV Space, until you have confirmed and paid for a reservation. This is simply a request to help us meet your needs.

Steps Below for
Long-Term Application
27 or More Days – No Limit

  1. Take photos of all potential tenants’ Driver’s Licenses & your RV or Tiny Home. Be ready to upload them to the form.
  2. Fill Out the APPLICATION FORM for each person who will be staying in the RV.
  3. Once you have submited your application, call us to check application status. 435-673-2809.
  4. When a space becomes available, we email & call you with approval & date of availability for move-in. At that time, if you choose to secure the available space, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required upon confirmation to secure the available space and will be applied to your first month’s rent.

    ***PLEASE NOTE: If we are full, this will put you on our waiting list which is usually 1 – 3 months out. You are welcome to check back periodically to let us know you are still interested and want to be on the wait list.


  • No more than two persons per unit – without special approval. $50/month extra for each person more than two adults.
  • Must be owner occupied – NO sub-renting or short-term/vacation renting.
  • If you sell your trailer or RV, all prospective buyers must submit an application and be APPROVED IN WRITING FROM HILLSIDE PALMS RV PARK before purchasing any trailer with intention to stay in/or being allowed to live in the RV Park regardless of purchasing a trailer or RV.  If the buyer is not approved, you will have to move the trailer out of the park at your own expense.
  • Dogs/Pets: $50/Month Fee, Weight limitation (less than 20 lbs only), Fill out the application with your pets details. (Exceptions only as required by law for Service and Assistance Animals that provide specific work, task or service for an individual – per ADA and Fair Housing Act with required docs)
  • Pet Cleanup Fines: $100 escalating fine for failure to clean-up your pet’s waste.

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