APPLICATION 27+ Days Extended Stay


  2. SECOND: Fill out and submit the Application HERE.
    * Fill it out completely, for all prospective tenants.
    * Scan all prospective tenants’ Driver’s Licenses & upload them to the form.
    * Extended Stay RVs older than 10 years must submit pictures of RV for approval
    * Scan the pictures and upload to form or email to
  3. Or you can submit Application hard copies (available by special request) by depositing it into the Hillside Palms RV Park Payment Station BOX. (White Metal Pay Station)  Located at 175 N. 600 E. St. George
  4. Call back and speak with us regarding your application and approval process.
  5. Wait for written approval and space availability date for move-in.


  • No more than 2 persons per unit – without special approval
  • All prospective tenants must submit application and wait for approval in writing
  • Must be owner occupied – NO sub-renting
  • No Dogs allowed (Exceptions only as required by law for Service and Assistance Animals that provide specific work, task or service for an individual – per ADA and Fair Housing Act)
  • If you sell your trailer or RV, all prospective buyers must submit an application and be APPROVED IN WRITING FROM HILLSIDE PALMS RV PARK before purchasing any trailer or being allowed to live in the RV Park regardless of purchasing a trailer or RV.  If not approved, they will have to move the trailer out of the park at their own expense.

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